Births - Mar. 3


JAN. 28 - A son to Scott and Morgan Daimler of Gales Ferry; a son to Verasavinia and Anthony Johnson Sr. of Groton.

JAN. 29 - A son to Jaime Mateo Sr. and Jessica Goody of Uncasville; a son to Randy and Heather Harris of Noank; a daughter to Robert Piscitello III and Amy Hogberg of Taftville.

JAN. 30 - A daughter to Steven and Nina Reardon of Groton.

JAN. 31 - A daughter to Alexis Bendezu and Marcia Cierto of New London.

FEB. 1 - A daughter to Angelo and Allicia Burgos of Groton; a daughter to Chad and Nicole Meckley of Mystic.

FEB. 2 - A son to Adam and Tracey Strelczuk of Mystic.

FEB. 4 - A son to Steven and Danielle Ampania of Norwich.

FEB. 5 - A daughter to Michelle and Joseph Calash Sr. of Oakdale; a daughter to Brenton and Hesti Ewing of New London; a daughter to Eduardo Guilbert III and Olivia Romanofski of Ledyard; a daughter to Brian and Tami Umland of New London.

FEB. 6 - A daughter to Justin Montgomery and Holly Doran of New London; a daughter to Brandon and Emma Lindbeck of Gales Ferry; a son to Heather Lindell of Preston; a son to Maurilio Garcia and Martha Lopez of New London.

FEB. 7 - A daughter to Dwayne Berry Jr. and Kathryn Pellowski of Ledyard; a daughter to Owen Miller and Twila Thibeault of Ledyard.

FEB. 8 - A daughter to Joshua Cardoza and Alison Kambeitz-Cardoza of Waterford; a daughter to William and Jeanine Kimball of New London.

FEB. 9 - A daughter to Julio Esteves Jr. and Erica Brown of Noank.

FEB. 10 - A daughter to Adam and Corrie Collins of Canterbury.

FEB. 11 - A son to Andy Mead and Jenny Horwood of East Lyme; a daughter to Tia Mincey of Groton; a son to Donald and Destiny Smith of Niantic.

FEB. 12 - A son to Timothy and Jasmine Jenkins of Groton.

FEB. 13 - A son to Kevin and Samantha Batch of Waterford; twin sons to Kevin Killeen and Melanie Killeen of Lisbon; a daughter to Brian and Laura Nichols of Waterford; a daughter to Kevin Evans and Ashley Page of New London; a son to Patrick and Courtney Ryan of Quaker Hill; a son to Julianna and Lenwood Silva Jr. of New London.

FEB. 14 - A daughter to Christopher and Lindsay Gorham of Griswold; a daughter to Kyle and Andrea Startz of Oakdale.

FEB. 15 - A daughter to Brandon and Bethany Arcangel of Norwich.

FEB. 16 - A son to Kyle J. M. Kelleher and Kimberly Flores de la Cruz of Pawcatuck.


FEB. 9 - A son to Christina Lewis.

FEB. 11 - A daughter to Adam and Kirsten Eaton; a daughter to Robert and Meagan Reid.

FEB. 13 - A son to Justin and Chalee Endicott.

FEB. 15 - A son to John and Christina Baukus.

FEB. 16 - A son to Todd and Mary Ann Savaria.

FEB. 17 - A son to Krystal Lydick; a daughter to Christina White.

FEB. 18 - A daughter to John Elias and Zuleika Ramos-Rosario.


JAN. 20 - A son to Ashley and Eric Reubelt of Pawcatuck.

JAN. 28 - A daughter to Danielle O'Keefe and Ellis Moffitt of Westerly.

JAN. 29 - A son to Stephanie and Tony Amaral of North Stonington.

FEB. 10 - A son to Brandy and Stephen Lenihan of North Stonington.

FEB. 11 - A daughter to Kellie and Earl Palmer Jr. of Pawcatuck.

FEB. 12 - A daughter to Amy and Brandon Raiche of Westerly.

FEB. 15 - A son to Mary and Scott Gintick of Westerly; a son to Erin and Joel Tudisco of New London.

FEB. 18 - A son to Jessica Agney and Kenneth Tryon of Westerly.

FEB. 20 - A daughter to Marie and Daniel Patrick Cleary of Pawcatuck.


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