Call off anti-business Groton sign police

I am writing to give you an update on the works of Lee Treadway, the Groton sign cop. At a time when the Groton is trying to increase the education budget to avoid layoffs of 16 teachers, they seem to have enough money to spend on a sign cop whose function appears to be chasing local businesses trying to make a living in tough times.

I have written Town Manager Mark Oefinger about this, but he obviously supports these enforcement efforts. Groton is unfriendly to local businesses and lacks an understanding of their plight. Clearly the town believes that they can make Long Hill Road more beautiful than its original design, without any consideration for its original intended purpose - a commercial strip of businesses. Mr. Treadway has gone as far as chasing the Liberty Tax character out of town. Everywhere else in the nation, they can waive their torch, yet Groton is too elite for such hucksterism.

Remember, revenue generated by business pays the taxes that pay government salaries and programs.

It's frustrating to operate in this environment. I have expanded my business to Massachusetts, New York and Ohio and am ready to waive the white flag here and sell my business assets in this myopic town.

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