Wolf Den welcomes Enter the Haggis

The Canadian band Enter the Haggis draws on Irish and Scottish folk roots.

Members of the band Enter the Haggis have not once in their 17-year career entertained a joke about the fact that they have the word "haggis" in their name.

Not once.

Actually, the "haggis" reference is a reference to the complex and varied textures that go into their music - a sort of sonic metaphor for a haggis recipe. And whatever you think of the food, the musical concept works big time.

This is a terrific Canadian band that incorporates energetic rock with a whole globe's worth of indigenous folk influences - chiefly Scottish and Irish, but the musicians are e'er curious and accomplished.

Enter the Haggis plays a free show tonight in the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den. Anticipate material from their latest album, "Whitelake," and don't be afraid to call out for such damnably infectious tunes like "Cynical." If ever a song deserved to be a hit, it's "Cynical." But the Haggs aren't bitter about it. As you'll see from their set, they love their work and appreciate their fans.


Enter the Haggis, 8 tonight, Mohegan Sun Wolf Den; free; 1-888-664-3426, mohegansun.com.


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