Very big election for Groton city

The City of Groton election May 6 is significant. A strong Utilities Division is paramount or the city might not exist. Continued great service is necessary and problems must be answered timely.

Financial constraints are everywhere. Processes start locally, at the state level and federal level. Blame is everywhere. Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated look at candidates who have the greater good in mind.

Proper interchange of mayor, council and electors is crucial. Great people want to serve. The city's existence could be at stake. Groton is no different from other municipalities facing tough decisions. Accountability, transparency, business oversight, early disclosure, commission involvement and community involvement makes a city, town, and community thrive or fail.

Leadership can make a difference in business, government and the private sector to better this environment. Faith in all is important. Groton is a great place to live, work and enjoy life. Let's keep it that way. Remember, "if you lost everything tomorrow, where or what town or city would you go to?"

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