U.S. shouldn't ignore N. Korean atrocities

In April I had the amazing opportunity to attend Dartmouth Model United Nations in Hanover, N.H. In the weeks preceding my trip I immersed myself in everything North Korean and was outraged by my findings. One in four North Korean children is stunted from malnutrition.

Labor camps are as commonplace there as Wal-Marts here. The minds of the people are being controlled by a man worth $5 billion dollars while they make $2 per month; and most of U.S. citizens are unaware; unaware that the conditions in which North Koreans live are some of the dirtiest in the world; that they starve while others eat; that they are prisoners in their own lands.

I love history and I have seen this before. I have seen the world turn a blind eye to injustice so often that we have broken our necks from the strain. I have seen the Janjaweed kill thousands in Darfur while we buried our heads in the sand.

History has proven that America acts after the dead have already been buried.

Human rights have fallen by the wayside in exchange for jingoism and plutocracy. I do not call for war or millions spent on aid.

I simply call for us to recognize our citizenship, not of America, but of the World.

Kayla Giordano

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