Ignore climate change and ignore children

Regarding the letter, "One sound forecast: Weather will change," (Feb. 27), I concede that over the course of the Earth's history there have been many drastic changes in our climate: "always has been, always will be."

And yet the fact that dinosaurs did not have a "causative influence" on past climate change does not, as the writer implies, prove that we are equally guiltless.

A glance at the fossil record will show that no reptile has ever possessed the ability to build fires, let alone the metallurgical expertise required to fabricate internal combustion engines.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that the sun seems destined, as we have understood for over a century, to go out completely, rendering the Earth uninhabitable; and yet this fact does not and should not relieve us of our natural obligation to care for the interests of our immediate descendants - our children and grandchildren - who will, if we do nothing, seem very likely to suffer the consequences of our inaction in the form of short-term, not distant, climactic disruptions.

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