For those who think white chocolate isn't 'real' chocolate, have we got bars for you

White Chocolate Unicorn Bark (Photo by Jennifer Chase for The Washington Post)

For years, connoisseurs dismissed white chocolate — a confection made with cocoa butter, milk solids and sugar, but with none of the cocoa solids that give darker chocolate its recognizable flavor and color. "White chocolate or white lie?" one online video asks. The host opens with: "If you...



Hulu has landed a new series starring George Clooney

There’s a whole lotta George Clooney coming to Hulu with the actor making his return to TV in a new limited series for the streaming service and his last TV go-round, “ER,” joining the streaming ranks.

Flock holds 'Sense & Sensibility,' Shakespeare auditions

Flock Theatre will hold auditions for their upcoming spring production of Jane Austen’s "Sense & Sensibility" (adapted by Jon Jory) and summer productions of William Shakespeare’s "Henry IV, Part I" and "Henry IV, Part II."...

Lead singer of Irish band The Cranberries dead at 46

O’Riordan rose to fame as the gentle voice behind some of The Cranberries’ biggest hits, including “Zombie” and “Linger,” the latter of which, a lilting love song, served as the band’s breakthrough...


Saved by courage, kindness, and a star

On a frigid December night in the North Carolina wilderness, Thomas Wolfe was suffering from exhaustion, starvation, and an injured ankle.

Snowshoeing with the champions

A couple winters ago, Patti Dillon, bored with her regular exercise regimen, decided to try snowshoes designed for running, so she went online, researched several brands, found a model she liked and or-dered a pair.