‘Tremors’ revival ordered to pilot at SyFy

Kevin Bacon is going back to Perfection as part of a TV reboot of the 1990s monster movie “Tremors,” with SyFy announcing this week that it has ordered a pilot for the potential series.




Rick's List - Unrestricted TV Viewing edition

Columnist settles in to watch stuff he wouldn't ordinarily see if his wife wasn't out of town

The gift of a grandchild

I was pretty sure I had lost my soul.



Teen immersed in electronics is losing touch with people

DEAR ABBY: I've been dating a wonderful woman for two years. She has a son in high school I'll call "Jon." Like many teens I see, he is constantly on his smartphone, his school-required tablet or playing video games on the TV in...

Hospital patient receives surprise anatomy lesson

DEAR ABBY: I recently had to spend a night in the hospital following minor surgery. One of the female techs taking care of me leaned over me to straighten out the bedding and I could see "everything" when the top of her scrubs...

Widower finds companionship but isn't ready for romance

DEAR ABBY: My wife died of cancer four years ago. She was my best friend, and the pain of losing her was more than I could cope with. I was in a fog for about two years, just going through the motions. Eventually the fear of...

Hospice volunteer's woeful tales wear her family down

DEAR ABBY: My mother has been a hospice volunteer for six months. I think that's great. The problem is, all she ever talks about anymore is the families and patients she helps. I'm tired of coming home from school or work and hearing about her...

Woman takes a hands-off approach to blind dates

DEAR ABBY: I'm a single 38-year-old woman. I haven't been in a relationship in more than 10 years because of school, work and kids. Lately, since I graduated, I have been on a string of blind dates. Men seem to want to hold my...

Family communication gap is sparked by dad's disapproval

DEAR ABBY: We are from the Middle East. My younger brother married an American woman and moved to Arizona, where her family lives. Because our dad didn't approve, my brother made the plans behind our back and told Dad in an...

Girlfriend deserves to know about man's abusive past

DEAR ABBY: My brother is in a long-term relationship. Throughout my teenage years, he raped me every chance he got. The emotional and physical abuse has left my life broken. Should I tell his girlfriend about it? I did confront...


Your stars June 29

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Emotional deception and ulterior motives are present. Decipher the real meaning behind what someone is...