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    Sunday, June 23, 2024

    New age duo Ancient Voices guest on "Live Lunch Break"

    Ancient Voices, from left, David Rose and Dan Kennedy (Contributed)

    You want stress? How about three Nor'easters in two weeks? Not only that, each was described by that irritating "snow cyclone" tag. Worse: they had names. Two weeks ago was it Claudia? Then maybe "Snow Cyclone Biff" or whatever was next?

    This week? "Snow Cyclone Ferris." As in Bueller?! We now name catastrophic meteorological events after funny movie heroes? I'm sure New Orleans would have felt better if Katrina had been Hurricane Ron Burgundy. Jeez.

    Fortunately, stress relief is upon us in a most gorgeous and meditative fashion. Look no further than today's "Live Lunch Break" concert with Ancient Voices. The duo features flutist/Spirit Wind recording artist David Rose and pianist Dan Kennedy, whose "Lantern" EP was produced by Windham Hill founder William Ackerman. Each of these musicians is well established in New Age/ambient/Native music circles and, together, their efforts are supremely melodic, thoughtful and haunting.

    As always, "Live Lunch Break" takes place at noon in New London's Telegraph Records Shop. Take a deep breath and open your ears.

    Ancient Voices, "Live Lunch Break," noon today, Telegraph Records Shop, 19 Golden St., New London; free; theday.com/livelunch.

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