Appeal of certain amenities grows among millennials, decreases among older generations

An increasing share of millennials is expressing interest in home features such as his and her baths, media rooms, and trash compactors, according to a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders. At the same time, many of these...

Young adults more likely to expect climate change impact on housing, support possible solutions

People under the age of 35 were most likely to say they expect their homes and communities to be impacted by climate change within their lifetime, according to a recent analysis by the real estate site Zillow.

Owner perceptions of home value improve for third straight month

Homeowners' expectations of their property's value continued to be closely in tune with the figure determined by an appraiser, according to the retail mortgage lender Quicken Loans.

Preparing for a window installation

Whether you are planning to do a window installation on your own or calling in a contractor to do it for you, a few preparations will be necessary. These steps will ensure that the window can be easily replaced, speeding up the process and saving...

Property Transactions August 23, 2019

Property Transactions August 23, 2019

Preparing for a kitchen renovation

Remodeling a kitchen will put one of the most important rooms in your home out of commission. It's important to get the room prepared for the project and make sure you're ready for any inconveniences.

Home purchase sentiment hits new high in Fannie Mae survey

Americans had rosier views about homebuying in Fannie Mae's monthly housing survey in July, as respondents were more likely to report perceived job security and expect favorable mortgage rates. However, Fannie Mae said other factors such as...

Just how important is location?

A National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey found that although affordability ranks high in importance, buyers' focus on neighborhood, distance from work, access to shopping and schools demonstrate that location is indeed significant.

Property Transactions August 16, 2019

Property Transactions August 16, 2019

Keeping vines from harming your trees

Manual removal and herbicide can be effective in targeting invasive vines before they strangle a tree.

Don't forget to clean these places when selling your home

When putting a home on the market, it's important to clean it first. Potential buyers may be willing to overlook a few dust bunnies, but a dirty bathroom or mountains of clutter can easily mask any home's good qualities.

Salvaged building materials offer advantages, but should be used with caution

Many different types of building materials can be reused in another home after being removed from a residence that is being remodeled or demolished. Some homeowners will specifically seek out reclaimed building materials due to their aesthetic...

Amenity shortfalls a common regret among homebuyers

You can't always get what you want when you're searching for a new home. According to a new survey by the home improvement site, this lack of desired amenities is the main cause for disappointment among buyers.

Pending home sales see first annual increase in 17 months

The pending sales of existing homes were proceeding at a stronger pace than the previous year in June, breaking a 17-month period where these transactions have slowed on an annual basis.

Property Transactions August 9, 2019

Property Transactions August 9, 2019


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