Avoiding negotiation mistakes when making an offer on a home

While a bit of give-and-take is part of any negotiation, some common errors can easily compromise an offer or scrap it entirely.

Using magnets around the house

Buying a few magnets can be an easy way to improve organization around your home. They can also make certain tasks easier.

Whole house surge protectors provide a first line of defense against electrical damage

A whole house surge protector guards against energy spikes when they first enter the home.

Keeping pet damage from ruining your home value

If your furry companion has left some noticeable marks around your property, you'll want to fix them in order to preserve your home's resale value. You should also keep your pets in mind when making larger home renovations, pursuing projects that...

Home value perceptions improve in September

Homeowners were giving a more accurate assessment of their property's value in September, according to retail mortgage lender Quicken Loans' latest update of its Home Price Perception Index.

Tame your decorations when selling a home at Halloween

One risk of putting up Halloween decorations on a home for sale is that they will prove distracting – especially if you're known for large, haunting displays.

Should you heat your basement during the winter?

Adding heat to the basement can be useful if the space is finished, or if it's set up as a game room or other frequently visited area. However, you can also preserve more heat by improving the insulation in the basement.

Property Transactions October 18, 2019

Property Transactions October 18, 2019

Kitchen renovations continue to hold the most appeal in remodeling report

Upgrading a home's kitchen has been a popular home improvement project in recent years, and continued to hold the most appeal among homeowners in a recent remodeling report by the National Association of Realtors. But while the Realtors polled in...

Housing confidence holds steady despite financial concerns in Fannie Mae monthly survey

Most housing indicators remained steady and positive in Fannie Mae's latest monthly survey gauging attitudes toward the real estate market and economy. However, people were also more likely to express concerns about their employment or mortgage...

Cleaning and storing patio furniture in the fall

All types of patio furniture can benefit from a quick blast with the garden hose to remove any dirt, spiderwebs, or other debris. However, the cleaning and maintenance requirements will vary depending on the material it is made of.

Report: Median home prices unaffordable for three-quarters of average wage earners

Median priced homes were not considered affordable for about three out of four average wage earners in the United States, according to a recent analysis by the real estate data company ATTOM Data Solutions.

How safe and energy efficient is your fireplace?

A fireplace may take the chill out of those first frosty days of autumn in cold weather climates, but it may not really be effective in reducing your overall energy bill.

Property Transactions October 11, 2019

Property Transactions October 11, 2019

Cork floors are easy on the feet, but can be more susceptible to damage

Cork isn't just useful for wine bottles and bulletin boards. The material has become an increasingly popular choice for flooring as well.

Making repairs and upgrades after you empty out your home

If you move out before you've found a buyer, doing some small upgrades can help improve the home's appeal.


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