Where your home might be missing insulation

Any missing or inadequate insulation will result in more air-conditioned or heated air escaping your home, which in turn results in higher energy bills. Tracking down and addressing these weak spots will not only save you money, but make your home...

Home sales above list price fall to three-year low

With limited inventory and rising home prices dominating the national housing market in recent years, plenty of home sellers have been delighted to see offers come in that exceed their list price. However, a recent analysis by the real estate site...

Survey: Renters more willing to stay put

A record high number of renters considered their housing situation more affordable than homeownership, according to an August 2019 survey by Freddie Mac. The survey also found that renters were more likely to be concerned about their financial...

Report: More than half of U.S. households can't exceed $250K on a home purchase

For the majority of American households, income caps the price they can pay at a quarter-million dollars or less. According to the National Association of Home Builders' most recent "Priced-Out Estimates" report, 52.5 percent of households in the...

Preparing your home for a hardwood floor refinishing

Not only will you need to clear out the room so you can access the whole floor, but you'll also need to let the finish stand for a few days afterward.

Property Transactions February 21, 2020

Property Transactions February 21, 2020

Equity wealth continues slow growth in Q4 2019

More than one in four mortgaged properties was considered equity-rich in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to the latest U.S. Home Equity and Underwater Report by the real estate data company ATTOM Data Solutions. The company said that rising...

Choosing a bathroom vanity

The vanity is often an uncelebrated part of the bathroom, regarded as a functional place to wash your hands and store some belongings. However, upgrading this feature can greatly improve the appearance and functionality of the room.

Methods for selling your home quickly

A new job, a divorce, or several other reasons may be a motivating factor in relocating as soon as possible. In such a situation, you'll be eager to find a way to get your home into the hands of a new buyer as quickly as you can.

Homes in walkable neighborhoods enjoy premiums, but not as much as they once did

Buyers were willing to pay more for homes where nearby amenities can easily be reached on foot, according to the real estate company Redfin. However, this premium was not as pronounced as it was in recent years.

Favorable outlook holds steady in Fannie Mae housing survey

Indicators in Fannie Mae's National Housing Survey in January continued to reflect favorable views of the housing market, according to the latest results of the monthly poll. A majority of respondents also had positive feedback on the economy and...

Pruning trees helps promote healthy growth

Regular pruning is a good way to maintain a tree's health and appearance.

Fair housing is love

What if, along the way, you are denied an opportunity to rent a home or apartment, or given false information about a rental? If it's because of your marital status, you are likely a victim of illegal housing discrimination.

Property Transactions February 14, 2020

Property Transactions February 14, 2020

Improving stormwater management on your property

When water is absorbed into the soil instead, it is naturally cleansed before reentering aquifers. This process reduces stormwater runoff, helps purify water sources, and reduces the possibility of flooding.

Report: Seller profits hit new high in 2019

Rising home prices and longer homeownership tenure helped sellers in 2019 realize a new record high in profit from an average home sale, according to a recent report by the real estate data company ATTOM Data Solutions.


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