Home value estimates continue to stick close to appraisals

The average homeowner's estimate of their property's value continued to fall short of the appraised value in August, according to the retail mortgage lender Quicken Loans. However, this variance continued to stick within the range where it would not...

Going bold with unusual colors for your home's exterior

Choosing an unusual color for your home's exterior can easily draw more attention to your property and give it more personality. However, it may also present some challenges when you try to sell your home.

Looking out for hazards from buried oil tanks

Coins, bottles, and other interesting objects have often been unearthed by homeowners who dig around the property of older residences. However, these homes can also be more likely to have an undesirable buried item: a subterranean oil tank.

Remote closings offer a convenient way to finalize a home purchase

A remote closing can be particularly useful for buyers who may have difficulty attending a closing in person, such as those who are in the process of moving to another state.

Finding a use for a spare room

If your home is a little too large for your needs, you may not need to think about downsizing just yet. Instead, you just need to find a good use for that extra space.

Don't be rushed when buying a home

Time can a critical factor when looking for a home, and oftentimes it won't be on your side. While it's much more preferable if the process is relaxed, you may instead feel stressed and under pressure.

Lenders expect to see more refinancing, greater profits

A record share of mortgage lenders said they expect to see greater profits in the near future, according to the latest Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey by Fannie Mae. Lenders were most likely to credit a renewed interest in refinance mortgages for...

Property Transactions September 20, 2019

Property Transactions September 20, 2019

Survey: Most buyers would halt home search during recession

Most homebuyers would stop looking for a new residence during an economic recession, according to a recent survey by Realtor.com. However, many real estate economists have also suggested that the housing market would not be hit as hard by an...

Favorable mortgage rates buoy home purchase sentiment in Fannie Mae survey

Fannie Mae's Home Purchase Sentiment Index inched up 0.1 points to reach a new high point in August. Falling mortgage rates were primarily responsible for the month's trend, as more people expected that it would be easy to qualify for a mortgage.

Condo vs. house: How to choose the right home for you

If you're just starting to dive into the type of home options available to you, here are some considerations when weighing the purchase of a single-family home versus a condo.

The benefits of fall planting

Several factors make autumn an advantageous time to establish new plants, shrubs, and trees as part of your landscaping. As long as you don't complete this work too close to the season's first hard frost, it can help encourage stronger growth for...

Property Transactions September 13, 2019

Property Transactions September 13, 2019

Bathroom design mistakes can ruin a remodel

Reviewing these common bathroom design errors can help you plan out your own work and ensure that you'll be happy with the end result.

Pros and cons of getting a mortgage online

Online services promise prospective buyers a quick, easy way to acquire a loan for their home purchase. While buyers can realize a number of benefits from online mortgage applications, they should also be cautious about the pitfalls these services...

Staging steps when your household includes young children

Small children can make the staging process more challenging. However, it's not impossible to corral your little one's belongings and give your home a more organized look when it's on the market.


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