Housing confidence ebbs slightly in Fannie Mae survey

A dip in the stock market, the possibility of increasing mortgage rates, and other factors caused Americans' perceptions of the housing markets to grow slightly more pessimistic in February, according to Fannie Mae.

Millennials make up largest share of home buyers for fifth straight year

Bucking the stereotypes that they haven't yet moved out of their childhood bedrooms or eschewed homeownership for urban apartments, millennials accounted for the largest share of home purchases in the United States in the past year.

Putting in a spiral staircase

Spiral staircases present an intriguing and functional alternative to the conventional set of stairs. They take up relatively little space, allows light to pass through, and can be a visually appealing home feature.

CoreLogic: Equity gains continue in Q4 2017

The continuing growth of home prices stoked a long-running trend of increasing equity in the fourth quarter of 2017 and helped pull more properties out of "underwater" situations, according to the property analytics company CoreLogic.

Property Transactions March 23, 2018

Property Transactions March 23, 2018

Simple ways to improve your bedroom's appearance

It's possible to give your bedroom a new look at relatively little cost. By buying a few more items or rearranging some furniture, you can achieve results immediately.

Strategies to knock down your mortgage rate

Buyers who are currently shopping for a new mortgage, along with homeowners who purchased their home when rates were higher, can employ a few different options to knock down their mortgage rates. Doing so can easily save you thousands of dollars...

Planning for property taxes when buying a home

Benjamin Franklin once said that taxes are one of only two certainties in this world, so it would be unwise for any buyer to purchase a home without taking them into account.

The benefits and challenges of buying a historic home

Historic homes have a number of advantages, but can also prove to be a challenging residence due to certain restrictions.

Fixing water damage after flooding in your home

Even if your home is located at a high elevation, you might find yourself coping with water damage at some point. A rapid snow melt, persistent leak, or massive rain storm are some of the incidents that can leave you looking for ways to dry out your...

Metal offers a noisy but durable roofing option

There are a number of benefits to using metal as a roofing material, including strength and durability. However, you'll also need to consider a few disadvantages before adding metal shingles to the top of your home.

Things to look for on the final walkthrough

The house you agreed to buy isn't always the one that awaits you when you finally close on the purchase. The final walkthrough, one of the last steps in the home buying process, is designed to ensure that everything is in proper order and that the...

Property Transactions March 16, 2018

Property Transactions March 16, 2018

Pet doors require careful consideration before installation

While pet doors are convenient, there are also a number of concerns related to them. These include an installation which can potentially be tricky, the need to make the entrance adequate for the pet to use, and worries about security and energy...

Polybutylene pipes could be a flood waiting to happen

Polybutylene pipes were once valued for their flexibility and other qualities, but were at the center of a class action lawsuit after they were found to be more vulnerable to rupture.

Should a neighbor pay for damaging your fence?

As the old saying goes, good fences make good neighbors. But if a neighbor's actions wind up damaging a fence, you might end up in an unpleasant quarrel over the repairs.


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