Turn your garage into a pub

By adding a bar and some seating to your garage, you'll create an enjoyable retreat for you and your friends just steps from your front door.

A pending sale on your preferred home doesn't mean all is lost

A pending sale doesn't necessarily mean that the transaction will be completed. By keeping tabs on the property, you may be able to snag it if the first offer falls through.

"Spite fences" serve no purpose other than to annoy

The saying goes that good fences make good neighbors; as long as each person respects the other's property, they'll get along. Unfortunately, some neighbors instead decide to use the fence as a weapon in a dispute with the homeowner next door.

Can private mortgage insurance be beneficial?

Some buyers may discover that it makes more sense to make a smaller down payment, keep more money in their bank account, and absorb PMI costs for awhile.

Bathroom renovations grow more expensive, maintain room size

Homeowners who renovated their bathroom recently typically shouldered higher costs to do so, according to a recent survey by the home design site Houzz. Few renovations expanded the size of the master bathroom, with about one in four homeowners...

Report: Homeownership tenure lengthens as older residents stay put

Homeowners are staying in their homes for a median of five years longer than they did a decade ago, according to a recent analysis by the real estate site Redfin. The report suggests that older residents are often content to remain in their homes,...

Turn your fallen leaves into leaf mold

While it sounds like a disease that might affect your trees, leaf mold is actually a beneficial soil amendment that can easily be created using only the leaves that litter your lawn in the autumn.

Property Transactions November 15, 2019

Property Transactions November 15, 2019

Fannie Mae: Housing sentiment declines in October

Fannie Mae's Home Purchase Sentiment Index retreated for the second consecutive month in October, with fewer respondents reporting higher household income or optimism toward home buying conditions. However, Fannie Mae said the index remains near a...

Prioritizing your home projects

There's always plenty to do around the home, but prioritizing your improvement projects will make for a more manageable budget and a less stressful schedule.

Don't forget the stairs for home decor

Although the stairs and the area surrounding them can often present a challenge for interior design, you can easily add personal touches to give them some more life. The area can even give you an opportunity to add items that may not work well in...

Keep up with the interest on your mortgage payments

Some loans offer negative amortization, which allows the borrower to pay less interest on any given monthly payment. However, this amount must still be paid eventually and might lead to ballooning payments in the future.

Choosing a theme for a room

A theme can help bring more focus to a room and highlight your personal tastes. It can also assist with a more minimalist lifestyle; after all, you won't want to buy new items that clash with a theme, or overstuff a balanced room with new things.

Using a personal loan to finance a home renovation

Personal loans are one alternative option for financing home improvements. These funds are typically offered through a bank or credit union, though a friend or family member may also be willing to lend you money for the cause and set up repayment...

Skip the raking? Deciding if a fall mainstay is necessary

Raking up leaves is a time-consuming job. Is it possible to avoid this task, simply allowing the leaves to stay where they fall?

Favorable mortgage rates help drive up pending home sales in September

The rate of pending home sales in the United States rose for the second consecutive month in September, according to the National Association of Realtors.


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