Transaction prices for SUVs exceed cars despite higher fuel costs

Americans continued to pay more for SUVs in the spring than they did for cars, according to an analysis by the auto value resource Kelley Blue Book. The company noted how the finding reflects a higher demand for SUVs and crossovers, even as prices...

Report identifies drugged driving as increasingly common problem

A traffic safety organization says drugs have become a considerably more prominent source of impairment in the past decade, as drivers killed in crashes are more likely to test positive for drugs than alcohol.

Auto briefs: Train station, recycled materials, sustainability

The purchase of an iconic Detroit train station, a commitment to using recycled materials in new vehicles, and a debut sustainability plan were among the items promoted by automakers recently.

Higher gas prices not yet impacting travel, vehicle purchase decisions

Drivers are feeling a little more pain at the pump, as gas prices have been notably higher than in recent years. However, two recent analyses suggest that fuel prices aren't yet impacting Americans' travel plans or vehicle purchase decisions.

Drivers generally unconcerned about where their vehicle is built

The majority of American drivers said the country where a vehicle was manufactured would not affect their choice when buying a vehicle, according to the automotive resource Autolist.

Honda Fit stays affordable while bolstering safety features

2018 Honda Fit EX-L CVT

The 2018 model year brings significant updates to the third generation of the versatile 5-door subcompact Honda Fit including fresh sportier styling, a more dynamic and refined driving experience, new Sport trim, and substantially upgraded...

Volvo puts emphasis on luxury design for its flagship S90

Interior Blond Volvo S90/V90

To me, the current S90 is more about the statement it makes through elegant design and the serene presence it creates as you drive it, two things that have eluded Volvo's cars until recently.

Auto briefs: Battery partnership, World Cup, taxis

A partnership between two automakers on battery development, a pair of purpose-built taxis, an appeal to American soccer fans, and the transfer of ownership of a sailing race were among the items promoted by automakers recently.

AAA: One-fifth of drivers say they'll consider an electric vehicle for their next car

The potential for lower ownership costs and fading concerns about limitations such as range anxiety are causing more Americans to consider going electric for their next vehicle purchase, according to AAA.

Vehicle temperatures can become deadly in as little as one hour, study finds

A new study by researchers at Arizona State University and the University of California San Diego School of Medicine suggests that the air temperature in a parked vehicle can reach dangerous levels within one hour. Even when parked in the shade,...

Mazda CX-3 adds a host of available options

Already a standout for its impressive fuel-efficiency, award-winning design, top safety scores, spirited driving dynamics and upscale amenities, the Mazda CX-3 subcompact crossover SUV has undergone its first round of thoughtful improvements,...

Hyundai Elantra provides cost-effective comfort

In a relatively short period of time, the Hyundai Elantra has risen from a cheaply built economy car to one of the most refined in its competitive class.


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