Buying a vehicle after the lease is up

If you've been enjoying the vehicle, buying it outright after a few years of making payments can be an easy and affordable possibility.

Battery, alternator, or something else? Finding out why your car won't start

The battery is often the culprit when a vehicle fails to start. However, the problem might stem from the alternator, starter, or even the connections in the vehicle's electrical system. Problems with one component can also cause trouble with others.

Breaking in a new car for optimal performance

You'll want to take your new vehicle out for a spin, of course, but you'll have to be careful about how you do it. Automakers typically recommend a period of breaking in the new vehicle before you drive it more casually.

Rain, fog, and other times to use your headlights

In addition to illuminating the road in front of your vehicle, headlights can make your vehicle more visible to other drivers in low visibility conditions.

Auto briefs: Made in the USA, officer protection, charging app

A "Made in America" automotive ranking, a feature designed to protect police officers, and a program to help electric vehicle drivers with charging were among the items promoted by automakers and other organizations recently.

BMW i3 a striking, sporty addition to the electric vehicle market

BMWs have long been known for their distinctive driving feel, and now a new version of the i3 electric car aims to deliver more of that performance DNA.

Automatic crash notification can be a lifesaver in remote crashes

Automatic crash notification systems can be essential for quickly dispatching emergency crews to the scene of a crash, increasing the chance that any seriously injured occupants will get the medical attention they need.

Electric vehicle charging takes longer in cold weather, researchers say

Drivers of electric vehicles need to dedicate some extra time to charging once the temperature drops, according to new research from the Idaho National Laboratory.

Fuel pressure check can identify a number of problems

When you bring your vehicle in for a tune-up, a mechanic will typically check the fuel pressure to make sure there aren't any problems with the fuel system. You can also take this diagnostic step on your own by picking up a simple gauge at an auto...

Calculating your fuel economy

Testing your vehicle's fuel economy figures is a fairly simple process, as long as you don't mind crunching some numbers. If you get into the habit of checking it after each stop at the pump, you can see how well your vehicle is performing and...

Auto briefs: UConn simulator, rear door alert, zero emission trucks

A simulator for a self-driving vehicle experience, an expansion of a rear seat safety feature, and an investment in pollution-free heavy-duty trucks were among the items promoted by automakers and other organizations recently.

Boosting your car's value before trading it in

While you might be reticent to spend money on a vehicle you'll soon be giving up, it can often be a good way to increase its trade-in value. Cleaning the vehicle and making a few simple repairs can be useful as well, but it's also very important to...


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