CD tip — A Grave Mistake — The Lore Variations, Chad Lawson

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You'd have to be a kook to find a recording you really like — then tuck it away for several months so you could listen to it at just the right time. This is what I've done with "A Grave Mistake — the Lore Variations" by solo pianist Chad Lawson. It's a CD of pieces Lawson wrote as atmospheric support music for "Lore," a popular podcast about non-fiction scary stories. "A Grave Mistake" was released last October, and that's appropriate. This is melancholic, lovely autumnal music, and I suppose it works ideally with the podcast. But I didn't hear the CD until February, and I've never heard the podcast and now I don't want to. I wanted to wait for September to arrive so I could immerse myself in and forever associate "A Grave Mistake" with the fall. The music is like orange and red leaves falling through my brain against the crisp, cinnamony scent of a candle-lit pumpkin. No "Lore" needed.


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