Melodic popster Andrew McMahon headlines Fox Theater

Andrew McMahon (Courtesy Crush Music)
Andrew McMahon (Courtesy Crush Music)

At the University of Coldplay some years back, Andrew McMahon was voted most likely to succeed and, at the senior prom, performed a tune of his own called "Teenage Rockstars." Or wait: Did McMahon go to Elton John Tech? Keane A&M? One of those piano pop schools.

Wherever, it all proved prescient and prophetic. McMahon, who first established a reputation as the frontman/songwriter for the bands Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate, is now rolling comfortably along in a solo career. His latest album is "Upside Down Flowers," and if it can sound pretty derivative — hints of Bowie, Harry Nilsson, Elton and Macca also pop up — it's also true McMahon writes some damned good songs.

"Upside Down Flowers" is a very strong recording, and "Blue Vacation," "Penelope," "Monday Flowers" and "House in the Trees" are just a few highlights. It's a start-to-finish statement that offers the melodic and lyrical qualities that capture that point in a man's life where Youth is in the rearview mirror — BUT, if you roll down the window, you can still catch the warm, pleasant fragrance of the past.  

Andrew McMahon with Flor and Griz Folk, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Fox Theater, Foxwoods; $35; 1-800-200-2882.


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