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Norwich Man Pleads Guilty To Road Rage Charges

A Norwich man pleaded guilty Thursday in New London Superior Court to numerous criminal charges resulting from road rage.

Kyron Sands, 25, of 16 Avery St., pleaded guilty under the Alford Doctrine to third-degree assault, second-degree criminal mischief and possession of cocaine and admitted to violating his probation. Under the Alford Doctrine, Sands does not admit guilt but concedes the state has enough evidence to garner a conviction.

He will be sentenced Dec. 8 to 51/2 years in prison, suspended after 21/2 years, followed by three years' probation. He faced 13 years in prison.

Sands' assault and criminal mischief charges stem from a November 2004 road rage incident. The state said that Sands cut off a person and that soon after an altercation ensued when he hit the other driver and kicked her car.

Sands denies that he hit the victim.

On June 15, police executed a search-and-seizure warrant at his residence. Police found several rocks of crack cocaine, $6,000 hidden in the ceiling and $650 in a pair of jeans.

Sands was sentenced in October 2002 to a suspended four-year sentence and three years' probation for first-degree reckless endangerment and carrying a dangerous weapon.

While on probation, he was to obey all state and federal laws. His arrests constitute a violation of that probation.
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