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Who needs regulations on offshore drilling anyway?

Pages 10 and 11 of Linda McMahon's 'Preserving the American Dream' mailer
Pages 10 and 11 of Linda McMahon's "Preserving the American Dream" mailer

A friend got one of Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon's fancy direct-mail appeals earlier this month. This one is all about how to "put Connecticut back to work."

The image above is on pages 10 and 11, and would seem to raise the following questions:

1) Are there oil deposits out there in the Sound that we should know about? Or does putting Connecticut back to work involve sending those of working age to the Gulf of Mexico?

2) Are you really sure that "burdensome regulations" are the biggest problem facing the oil industry right now? Safety and environmental rules may be inconvenient and counter to the profit motive, but the rulebooks, at least, don't tend to spontaneously explode

and finally

3) Will the next mailer be explaining what to do about this?

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