Wrong to try putting a new tax on nuclear plant

Democratic Sen. John Fonfara and Rep. Vickie Nardello, D-Prospect, are perfect examples of our "leaders" who have become enemies of our state, its populace and its economy by operating without the encumbrance of proper information, intelligence, ethics or morals. ("Dominion: Tax could shutter Millstone," April 2.)

Their proposed tax on our nuclear energy industry is insane if not criminal. As liberal socialist politicians continue to demonize and burden the productive part of the public for the sake of the nonproductive part (which they belong to), they ensure the end of our future as a state or nation. They are delusional in believing they can produce wealth for all by their theft from the few who actually produce. Citizens who allow these socialists to take offices are equally guilty.

Vote them out now. It is time for a total recall of those in power in Connecticut and in Washington D.C.

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