Restaurants, homeowners dealing with post-storm health issues

Restaurant owners and homeowners who lost power and have questions about food and well water safety in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene are urged to call Ledge Light Health District at (860) 448-4882.

Ledge Light serves East Lyme, Groton city and town, Ledyard, New London and Waterford. Power was restored to the main offices of Ledge Light, on Broad Street in New London, late this morning, director Baker Salisbury said today.

This morning Ledge Light sanitarians began visiting restaurants, grocery stores and cafeterias that prepare and serve food and lost power during the storm to check on food supplies kept in refrigerators and freezers to determine whether it is safe to eat or needs to be discarded, Salisbury said.

Food can be considered safe if temperatures stayed below 45 degrees, refrigerators and freezers were not opened and power was restored after a few hours, but "when in doubt, throw it out," Salisbury said.

Drinking water contamination is a risk for any flooding that occurred around the caps of wells or if septic systems on the property overflowed during the storm. Property owners are advised to have water tested if there have been any flooding or septic overflows.

"People need to act conservatively," Salisbury said.


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