Boston's Postseason Hopes In Danger

Well that's not what we were hoping for though many of us suspected what we saw to be the case. After the downward spiral the Red Sox have got themselves in over the last three weeks, they dropped three of four to the Rays in Boston putting just two games now between the two teams with 10 games to play.

 Boston has four games at home vs. Baltimore, three in New York vs. the Yankees and three to end the season in Baltimore.

 Tampa Bay has four in New York, three at home against Toronto and three at home against the Yankees.

 After starting off 0-6 and 2-10 then playing three plus months of great baseball, the last three weeks watching the Red Sox as a fan have been frustrating and difficult. Yes they've had a bunch of injuries at once to the pitching staff and lineup but whatever excuse you point to it's a team that was up nine games to start the month of September that is in danger of collapsing and not making the playoffs.

 If anything the remaining schedule favors the Red Sox over the Rays though on play alone right now you'd have to say the Rays will at least win six of their last 10. They should be able to crank out .500 baseball in the last 10 games to make it though. If Boston can't take four or five of seven from the Orioles and take at least one in the Bronx, the Red Sox don't deserve to advance.

 Do I think the Red Sox will make the playoffs? Yes. Am I happy with the way the team has played this month? Not in the least. The first objective of the regular season is always to make the playoffs. No matter how you get there...just make the postseason. The Red Sox hold their own fate over the next 10 games to do just that.

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