A welcome return to New London City Hall

New London's mayor-elect Daryl Justin Finizio chose wisely when he named former mayor Jane Glover, a longtime city resident with strong ties to the Democratic Party, education and minority community, to be his chief administrative officer.

A respected community leader, Ms. Glover will be able to help the new mayor, who has only lived in New London for a year and a half, to navigate through the often choppy seas of city politics.

Though as an elected city councilor she served three terms as ceremonial mayor and previously had served as president of the Board of Education, Ms. Glover has largely avoided the partisanship that has often characterized city government.

“Those of you who have known me for a long time in the political field know that I believe in inclusion. I try to treat everyone equal and fair," she said Monday when Mr. Finizio announced her appointment.

Before starting her new job, Ms. Glover will leave her position as executive director of the Kente Cultural Center, the African-American cultural organization she helped found in 1997. She previously was children's librarian at the Groton Public Library and also served as state president of the Connecticut Education Association.

Mr. Finizio takes office on Dec. 5 as the city's first elected mayor in 90 years (in the past voters cast ballots for City Council, whose members then chose the ceremonial mayor). When he does so he will have an able top aide close by.

We are happy to welcome Jane Glover back to City Hall in her new capacity.

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