Feeding Time At The Zoo

Don't worry, people! I'm alive. I have had intentions and half-written blog posts in my head, but I am back to work as of last week and Life. Is. Crazy. Well...not crazy crazy...but honestly, I haven't really figured out my flow yet and on work days I feel like the day is never-ending. So, when nighttime comes (blog time), I pretty much shut down and do nothing.

For those that have been wondering, the kids have done AWESOME at school. AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. I wasn't worried about Little Man, he is back hanging out with his friends and is quite the helper, from what I am told. I was worried about Little Lady, not having taken a bottle from anyone yet and not really into anyone else besides me.

Yeah, she knocked it out of the park and I think the last couple days has sucked down about 15 ounces in a day. I have made the transition back to work and all things considered, it is going good. My schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) really is nice and I sooo look forward to my days off with the kiddos.

But blah, blah, blah...I need to talk to you about mealtimes. How do mealtimes go down in your house with a toddler? Because all of a sudden, Little Man isn't really eating. I know kids go through phases...but jeez, how do you make it through the day on no food? And let me tell you that the amount of running around this kid does should lead to some hunger. But all he is interested in is zerts (dessert).

Here are a few conversations in our house of late:

Me: Little Man, what do you want for breakfast?
LM: Ummmm....how boouuuutttt....chock-lat?
Me: No, we don't have chocolate for breakfast.
LM: Ummm....how boouutttt.....Loll-pop?
Me: No, we don't have lollipops for breakfast. Would you like Yogurt?
LM: No.
Me: Cereal?
LM: Nope.
Me: Banana?
LM: No Banana!
Me: Apple?
LM: No.
Me: Oatmeal?
LM: No Oatmeal either!!

Then there's this one:

Me: Here's your dinner, Chicken and dressing. (and grapes or something..)
Me: But Buddy, that was what you told me you wanted.
Me: Ok, what would you like for dinner then?
LM: Zerts?


Don't even get me started with what I call "food bargaining" as in "You need to eat three more bites" (or else??). Where do I pick three more bites? I mean, as opposed to two or four? I have no idea. And what do those three more bites accomplish? I have no idea about that either.

There is one meal that I know Little Man will eat--pasta bastas (pasta and sauce), but I certainly can't feed that to him every day of the week. And the food he loved last week might as well be the crud on your shoes this week. I KNOW this is normal, but I can't help but feel like I screwed something up along the way. Vegetables? No way, Jose. Trying bites? Screw you, Mommy! (yeah, he doesn't really say that, but it feels like his eyes are saying that to me).

What's meal time like in your house? What does your toddler like to eat? And who is winning the battle? Because right now, I am pretty sure the grown-ups are losing in our house.

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