Opening Day at Fenway

It's another rough start for the Red Sox.  After going 0-6 on the road to begin the season in 2011, Fenway Park will be opening up 2012 celebrating 100 years with a team that went 1-5 on the road.

Fans are upset.  Players seem disgruntled.  No one can decipher what Bobby Valentine is talking about.

A lot of the national media is talking about what the fan reaction will be at Fenway today after the collapse last year, a team that hasn't made the playoffs in two years and has gotten off to this slow start again.  For me today, it's Josh Beckett.  An absolutely horrid start in Game 2 against Detroit giving up 5 home runs with all sorts of location problems.  Will he be able to bounce back today against a lesser powerful Rays line-up?

The bats will come around the talent is too good.  Everyday players like Youkilis and Ellsbury are will get it together.  It's tough to slump at the beginning at the season but the sample size is too small to jump to extremes just yet.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it though it's going to be an extremely difficult opening homestead for Boston.  3 with the Rays.  3 with the Rangers. 3 with the Yankees.  All which were playoff teams last year and are all projected to be playoff teams this year, something the Red Sox, in a lot of eyes, are not.

Opening day 2011 it was a Friday afternoon 9-6 win over the Yankees.  Let's hope the Red Sox start this year's home schedule off on the right foot.

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