Democratic win would mean country's demise

They have tax cheats throughout the Democrat Party and no one blinks an eye. But Romney has a Swiss bank account and that is all you hear on the news.

Since when did working hard and being successful become a bad thing?

When did it become wrong to believe in God, your Second Amendment rights, and the Constitution?

When did capitalism become bad and government handouts and bailouts become good?

When did being in the military and bravely serving your country become unimportant and disrespected?

When did saluting the flag and respecting the National Anthem become passť?

Why are prayers, patriotic songs, and American flags being banned all over this country?

The Democratic Party under President Obama has divided this country by race, religion, and economic class.

The very things people use to hold dear are now scoffed at by the Democrats.

When did you become complacent?

When did you decide to close your eyes and ears to what is going on?

The future of this country as we know it is in great peril. The path we take in the future will be decided in this next election.

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