Stonington Players perform 'Truth Be Told'

Lisa Soland's "Truth Be Told" is a compendium of monologues, with each character aiming to - as the title indicates - get to the truth of the matter.

Those matters include: a woman enjoys a bit of a shoe fetish; a man madly mixes plaids and stripes; and a man makes a proposal to his dental hygienist.

Stonington Players performs "Truth Be Told" in a trio of performances Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 16, at Wadawanuck Square in Stonington Borough.

These are all free shows, by the way, although the players would certainly be happy with donations.

The line-up includes: "The Eyes of a Mother," starring Edythe Rose and directed by Regan Morse; "The Dental Hygienist" starring Mark Hogan and directed by Morse; "Plaids and Stripes" starring Hank Savin and directed by Morse; "The Shoe Fetish" starring Judy George and directed by Christine Gunther; "The Quilt Maker" starring Sharon Lottridge and directed by Victor Panciera; "Caught in a Lie" starring Christine Gunther and directed by Panciera; and "Shuffleboard" starring Alex McCune and directed by Panciera.

Here's what audience members might want to bring: folding chairs, blankets and a picnic.


"Truth be Told," 6:30 p.m. Tues., Wed., and Thurs., Aug. 16, Wadawanuck Square, Stonington Borough; Stonington Players; if it rains, the show moves into Stonington Community Center, 28 Cutler St.; free, donations accepted;


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