Public needs to hear these youth voices

I was privileged on Aug. 14 to attend a presentation by Hearing Youth Voices, a group of teens from New London High School. These teens were eloquent, articulate and passionate about their hopes for better understanding and education in our public school system. They brought up issues of racial, ethnic and linguistic discrimination, among others, sharing the results of five weeks of interviewing their peers and doing other research. If the creativity displayed and what they were able to achieve in this short time frame is any indication, these teens are a great testament to the love of learning, and the desire to better themselves and the world by asking us to re-examine how and what we are teaching.

The mayor, the superintendent of schools, and many other community leaders have heard these fine young people. Audience members asked what the next steps will be. I hope these young people will be encouraged to keep spreading their message. They have much to say, and we would do well to heed them. Our future is secure in the hands of these teens.

Let's get behind them and help them be heard so that New London's future can shine as brightly as the light in these teens' eyes!

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