Book tip: "The Shadow Patrol"

Alex Berenson


John Wells is a most peculiar spy. A true badass and a former CIA operative, Wells has never lost his love for America - but after years of deepest undercover work in the Middle East, he's become a follower of the Muslim faith. Because of this, and in spite an ongoing series of heroic deeds in defense of the U.S., many in the American military and state department regard him with suspicion. This reluctance goes by the wayside, though, when the truly tough situations arrive. In this sixth Wells adventure, he heads back into Afghanistan on a freelance gig after the CIA's Kabul brain trust is decimated by a suicide bomber. Wells is assigned to find out why the replacement spooks are operating at less than peak efficiency. Along the way, he finds American soldiers running a heroin-smuggling ring with the help of the Taliban. Is the CIA involved and, if so, why?



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