Day editorial page is terribly one-sided

For the past few months I've carefully read The Day to see for myself if they really are as biased as I thought. The cartoons on the op-ed page have taken potshots at Romney, while giving a loving pat to Obama. The editorial page gives Romney a cold shoulder, while praising Obama.

I picked up the Oct. 4 edition hoping The Day finally had good words about the debate winner, or at least an admission about Romney's grasp of the issues and his great performance. Sadly, The Day printed a biased article from a Colorado paper, making no comment of their own on Obama's lackluster performance. It was, however, noticed by Obama's fans and news organizations who support him wholeheartedly, but had to admit the winner of the debate was not Obama. He was blindsided by Romney's truths because he had no answers of his own.

I have been a reader of The Day for more than 40 years. It saddens me to say that my relationship with this biased publication is ending. What has happened to the journalists of old, who reported both sides of the story, good or bad, allowing readers to do their own thinking? One-sided opinions just don't cut it anymore.

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