The Stepkids play the Oasis

The Old Ones, naturally, remember the early tours by Nektar - way back in the '70s - when their forward-thinking "liquid lights" show, courtesy of none other than Mick Brockett, actually shot 3-D holograms out over the (frequently tripping) audience.

"What was THAT, dude?!"*

Well, there's always been a tremendous argument to be made for Live Music as Spectacle - and psych-soul band The Stepkids don't just understand the concept, they wallow in it.

Comprised of musicians Tim Walsh, Jeff Gitelman and Dan Edinberg, and with video madness by artists Jesse Mann and David Knowlton Pond, The Stepkids are rapidly becoming major stars (as per recent tours with The Horrors, Mates of State and Kimbra).

That The Stepkids are headlining a Saturday show at New London's intimate Oasis Pub is a great opportunity to experience the greatness up-close - and an added bonus is that Incognito Sofa Love appear in solid support.


The Stepkids with Incognito Sofa Love, 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Oasis Pub, 16 Bank St., New London; $10 (advance tickets available at the Oasis or The Telegraph); (860) 447-3929, (860) 701-0506.


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