Support for Obama and Murphy ignores facts

I find The Day's endorsement of Barack Obama to be the expected lack of good judgment conveniently void of any knowledge of recent congressional attempts at a bipartisan fiscal plan and budget.

A recent Wall Street Journal commentary, "Harry Reid's Graveyard," summarized attempts by the House and Senate in 2011 and 2012. In their editorial the Wall Street Journal reported the House passed with Democratic support more than three dozen economic or jobs-related bills most of which died in the Senate without a vote.

One example was a bill supported by 13 Democrats that would extend the 2001 and 2003 tax rates and establish a process for tax reform.

The Senate has failed to meet their constitutional obligation to pass a budget in 2012, 2011, and 2010. The House budget version, crafted by vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan containing $4.5 billion in deficit reductions, was passed each year in the spring.

I agree with the Wall Street Journal's conclusion that the reason the Senate did not pass a budget is that the Senate controlled by a Democrat majority either did not have a budget plan or were not willing to openly debate it prior to the election as it would expose the president's vision of continued spending and taxing.

It's so easy for people who hold themselves accountable to pay their bills to see the parallel between those who foolishly run up expenditures on their credit cards for things that are nice to have, and this president's budget deficits, also based on spending on things that are nice to have. Sooner or later we will all, or perhaps some of us, have to pay those bills.

If you take The Day's lead and vote for Barack Obama, and follow their endorsement of Chris Murphy, it will be a vote for bigger government, out-of-control spending, invisible budgets, and unemployment near 8 percent fueled by the Senate's lack of concern about the near term financial cliff.

I, on the other hand, care about the longer term financial viability of America and will vote for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Linda McMahon. Without financial viability America will never be a strong and serious player on the global stage, nor will we be able to continue to provide assistance at home to those Americans truly in need.

The authors live in New London.


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