Hip-hop with Lynguistic Civilians

If Vermont isn't exactly the first state you think of while contemplating hip-hop, maybe that means you're not familiar with Burlington's Lynguistic Civilians.

A collective featuring five emcees and a DJ, the group boasts a distinct and combined sense of wordplay and humor along with the truly big beats. The Civilians released their debut album, "Hard Act to Follow," in 2011, and should have a follow-up release ready by Christmas.

Also on the bill is Team Sexual Healing, a triumvirate of strong local hip-hoppists Erik Lamb, Skobie and NME the Illest.


Lynguistic Civilians with Team Sexual Healing, 9 p.m. Saturday, High Noon Saloon, 297 West Main St., Norwich; $5; (860) 886-7600.


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