Racism persists after the election

Recent letters to The Day condemn the outcome of the election.

What other president has been questioned where he was born, or was called a Kenyan Marxist, not like us, anti-American socialist, etc?

The root of it all is racism. Most white people agree that those of color can participate in sports, but to admit that a man or woman of color can be their intellectual equal would forever end the lie that non-whites are inferior.

Gov. Romney claimed that President Obama bought his way into office by giving gifts to minorities and the young - a racial remark from a bitter, self-entitled loser.

The implication was how dare Obama, this "uppity" man of color, who won the presidency with a majority of votes twice, think he can govern?

Our country is not divided by rational ideas, but by those who cannot accept, that we are a republic, made up of a diverse mix of ethnic groups. We should be proud of our diversity, not denigrate it with demagoguery.

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