'Society seems to have hit rock bottom'

Health care reform, mental health parity, welfare reform Medicare crisis and reform, federal debt ceiling, state budget deficits have played themselves out during the past decade. After the recent events of epic and horrific proportion at Sandy Hook, society seems to have hit rock bottom, having experienced our worst nightmare with the loss of 20 innocent souls and six courageous teachers.

Government, politicians and mental health networks need to come together to assist our people in need more effectively.

The raging hypocrisy in society among those mentioned above mocks the desire for progress and healing that needs to be realized. We need to foster more cooperation and results- orientated action over massive growing bureaucracy for dealing with societal problems.

God bless the professionalism and sensitivity of the fist responders from Sandy Hook. We should not, however, forget the police officers, firefighters, emergency response personnel who ensure the safety of our lives and our homes.

Here's to the work of teachers who continue to educate all our children in stressful times. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart and from my entire family to those who protect the health and safety of our families and educate under changing stressful times.

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