Laughing at liberals offering to buy guns

Reading about the new gun buy back program in New London, the latest and lamest brainstorm of New London's Soviet-style mayor, gave me a sorely needed laugh while I devoured my cornflakes and read the latest NRA newsletter.

Liberals are a never-ending source of humor for us real folk, especially those well-meaning City Hall bean counters who dutifully helm the ship of a sinking city. And as if to give some kind of symbolic credence to this silly utopian notion, Mr. Mayor surrounded himself with the usual religious suspects - clergy persons from mostly liberal churches with leftist political leanings. It all looked so photographically (i.e. politically) correct, but practically and morally inept.

If I return a gun could I get a gift card for a specific gun shop I'd like to patronize? Can I use the card to refuel my dwindling ammo supply at some Montana gun show? Gosh, maybe I could buy some bullet-proof padding or a dozen of those really cool new duck-decoys or, better yet, buy me a new machete for night excursions downtown.

Perhaps I could even make a generous donation to the NRA or the next group of New London mayoral hopefuls. In New London, a new novel scheme is just around the next press conference.

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