Wake up! U.S. faces very dangerous enemies

On Feb. 12 a nuclear bomb was tested underground in North Korea. It would be naive to believe that this was only a North Korean weapon. I have no special insight into any intelligence community, but being old and infirmed gives me time to read many news sources. My professional career as a Naval officer gave me the ability to integrate the kernels of truth contained in those reports.

The way I see it, we are entering the most dangerous period in our history since before World War II. China allows the free flight of Iranian and North Korean scientists, plans (technology), material and weapons across its air space. This test is as much an Iranian success as North Korean.

Day readers, please wake up. This is not the time to cut the defense budget leading to 50 percent less capability in the Persian Gulf. This is not the time to cut our nuclear forces so that Russia can maintain parity (the president's goal).

China is not our friend and attempts to make them one are doomed to fail. Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran and will start a nuclear war if they feel their survival is at stake. They have the best missile defenses of anyone to survive an Iranian counter-strike.

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