NRC: Millstone at normal level of oversight

Waterford — The Millstone Nuclear Power Station met all health and safety objectives in 2012 and will receive a normal level of oversight by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for 2013, the NRC announced this week.

Out of the 104 nuclear reactors nationwide, 20 will be receiving additional oversight in 2013 because of safety violations. During 2013, Millstone had no violations higher than those deemed of "very low" safety significance, the lowest level, the NRC said.

"The upshot is that we're doing well," Richard Zuerzher, spokesman for Millstone owner Dominion, said Friday. "It means they won't be inspecting as much, because things have been running so well."

In 2012, Millstone was under increased oversight by the NRC because of a "white" finding — second lowest level — in February of the previous year.


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