Don't limit guns, punish the criminals

A serious attempt to reduce gun violence might include as a deterrent punishment that is sure, swift, and severe. Possession of a firearm during commission of a crime should result in mandatory one-year imprisonment. Failure to pass a background check, by fraud, also one-year in prison. Discharge a firearm while committing a crime - 10 years in prison. Injure or kill with a firearm during a crime and the punishment should be life in prison, with no discussion and no probation.

These penalties should be automatic. Use a gun, commit a crime, and go to jail. Make the law designed to reduce crime and violence. It must be fair and enforceable. Self defense and home protection are not crimes. Legal carry and use of firearms shall be permitted in every state.

Do not create criminals, but prosecute and punish every person who violates this law. Enforce this new law and gun violence will immediately and dramatically be reduced.

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