Useless gun laws won't stop madmen

In reference to Gov. Malloy's new gun law: I don't recall anyone demanding the confiscation or destruction of golf clubs after Michael Skakel used one to murder Martha Moxley. Maybe we should limit all golfers to one club.

I'm pushing 75 years old and don't know the difference between a 9 iron and a caddy. To each his own. However, I have enjoyed the firearm sports; hunting, target shooting, etc., since I was a child and hate to think that some politician looking for glory, as a result of a terrible incident like Newtown, could end that, knowing full well that more laws will have no meaning to outlaws and lunatics.

It's not the honest, law-abiding citizens who enjoy the shooting sports that anyone has to worry about. It's the mentally ill people who society has chosen to ignore, because insurance companies, in most cases, refuse to cover that type or disorder.

If they really want to help, create a law that allows the families of these individuals to contact a competent psychiatrist for an evaluation and treatment before something like Newtown happens again.

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