Vote for youthful exuberance on May 6

The voters of the City of Groton will have choices about their future in the May 6 elections. We can look back at what we, as a community did wrong, or we can look ahead and plan for our future. A knowledge of our past, an understanding of the issues with the dedication to act courageously to better the city is needed from our elected officials. I believe council candidate Andy Ilvento has these qualities and I am supporting him for City Council.

A life-long city resident, Andy has studied our history, seen how we've handled our recent past and has worked tirelessly to improve life in the City of Groton, even before he graduated from Fitch High. Passionate in his belief that the city is the best place to live, Andy has and will continue to work to make it so. At a time when others complain about what was done, Andy's youthful exuberance will get it done.

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