Vote Republican team in Groton city election

I appreciated the endorsement of the Groton City firefighters in the upcoming May 6 election. My promise to you is that our Republican team, led by Jim Streeter for mayor, will choose public safety over "trade secrets" every time.

Our team of professionals and civic leaders will be dedicated to efficient and effective government, keeping public safety paramount. Mike Boucher was a long time volunteer firefighter in Ledyard and Streeter a retired city police officer and professional of the State Police Forensic Lab.

Jackie Massett served herself from 1997-2003 on the public safety and public works committees with the Town of Groton.

On the administrative side, retired public accountant Robert Zuliani, Keith Hedrick, MBA business administration and Mike Boucher, retired Pfizer Research, will keep a close watch on city finances.

Kevin Trejo is a long-time champion for school age children and now chairman of the Children First program in Groton. I am a professional land surveyor and small business owner for 20 years.

Our team will work together with our planning and zoning officials and economic development committee to bring business back. Whether you are Republican, unaffiliated or Democrat, please vote May 6 for our Republican team.

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