Come on, Maureen, stop picking on 'W'

Maureen Dowd just can't stop chewing on George W. Bush's trouser leg. So, because she hadn't taken a bite in a while, she used the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas, to nip anew at his ankles, "Silver Fox's pink slip: That's 'enough Bushes'," (April 30).

First she announced that Father and Mother Bush really wanted younger son Jeb to be president. Oh really. How did she come by that tidbit?

Leaping to another topic, she denounced the corrosive effect of American "dynasties" on rugged individualism. C'mon. I've never heard of a dynasty that consisted of two relatives ascending to the same seat of power non-sequentially. Still, using her logic we're talking about three or four powerfully connected presidents out of 44. Consider those non-aristocrats who almost literally sprang from the soil: Jackson, Lincoln, A. Johnson, Carter, and others.

And Dowd couldn't sign off without hurling her overused brickbat against "W" (a pet taunt) and his shameful legacy.

By the way, her byline was incorrect; anyone notice the spelling of the last name ("Down.")? On the other hand, the spelling could have been deliberate: for sure the lady is down on our 43rd president!

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