Our political system needs a hard reboot

Some reflections on recent events in the nation.

The blast in West, Texas: Whether it be this situation or prior examples, including mine disasters, business interests are undermining the ability of the EPA to safeguard our citizens. And the "fracking" natural gas debate will be another opportunity for this political dynamic to play out.

The Boston Marathon attack: At least, politicians did not get in the way this time. I guess they were bottled up in their homes like everybody else.

The defeat of the gun control bill in the Senate. Yes, pure politics.

The coming immigration reform bills: More politics, but here not only "pure," but also asinine as far as Republicans are concerned.

The common denominator here is our broken election process in this country, fed by a level of ignorance of facts and by a dearth of common sense infecting large elements of our electorate which has not been seen since before the invention of the Gutenberg Printing Press.

Elective offices at all levels of government are up for auction, sold to the highest bidder, with the "winner" totally beholden thereafter to the buyers. Office holders are allowed and encouraged by the seniority systems controlling their governmental bodies to keep running and "serving" - making their own careers and the future of their families dependent on winning above all else. And recurring efforts are made to "facilitate" voting by making it easier to inject fraud into the system.

What a toxic mix.

Nothing less than amending the U.S. Constitution as it pertains to these issues will restore "the will of the people" and "one man, one vote" - in a word "democracy."

Folks, "that is your mission, if you choose to accept it."

A doctor, lawyer and frequent political and social critic, George Sprecace lives in New London.


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