Obama tries shifting the blame on responsibility for sequestration

The public is deluged by untrue media stories of the "disaster" due to $84 billion less spending caused by sequestration. The cuts are over a 10-year period, do not require cuts to any department's yearly costs, except the military.

The U.S. will spend $15 billion more this year than last, even after deducting 2013's share of the $84 billion reduction; adding another $1 trillion in debt.

The president says "it's the Republican's fault." Truth is, he and his administration devised sequestration to increase annual spending.

Will you see cuts in your incomes, or in programs, like Medicare? "Yes," and they will be ordered by the president. You will see more taxes for Obamacare and less services.

The president slowed down air traffic, meat inspections, lowered unemployment payments, low-income assistance payments, and Medicare reimbursement to doctors, to make us feel the pain of sequestration so we blame Congress, the Republicans - anyone but him.

President Obama is the creator of sequestration, it is his direct responsibility that will trigger our paycheck pain.

Each person, counting children, owes around $75,000 towards the federal debt, plus another $25,000 to $50,000 for their share of state debt.

We all should remember who is responsible when we vote.

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