Mixed martial arts fighters are a special breed of athlete

I recently read the editorial "Birds of prey," (May 11). Although I completely understand one point of the argument, I strongly disagree with the other. Mixed Martial Arts fighters have been considered, "animals," "thugs," "brawlers." Some of these "goons" are just that. However, some are conditioned athletes who put their lives, jobs and entire existence aside to train.

They train harder than any other athlete on this Earth, hands down. I am an amateur Muay Thai fighter, with one fight under my belt. I lost, but I gave up drinking for two months solid. I would work a 10-hour day and still go train six days a week. I am an amateur.

To have these athlete's names and credibility slandered is absurd. No hockey, basketball, baseball, or football player puts in this kind of work. The time, dedication and all around heart is enough to earn the respect of most people walking this Earth. Some don't understand this dedication. This is a different dedication that isn't for the average citizen.

I believe this is what makes Mixed Martial Arts fighters all around different people altogether.

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