Want to find waste? Look at GOP nonsense

A June 25 letter, in which the author objected to the cost of President Obama using Air Force One to fly to Africa ("Why not sequester Air Force One flights?"), was obviously from a particular type of American who believes that if he has read it on the Internet, it must be true.

Example: Does the author of the letter truly, honestly believe that the U.S. government will let the world know exactly how many vehicles are being used to guard the POTUS? How many personnel? Or the cost of such security?

The author, in the same letter, describes Washington as being "in chaos with scandals." Does anyone care to guess how much Darrell Issa's Oversight Committee has spent over the last six months in desperately trying to manufacture such scandals to link to the White House?

Needless to say, his efforts have been humiliatingly unsuccessful. The biggest shock is that his committee determined that the IRS was actually, wait for it: doing its job. As for wasting taxpayer's money, Eric Cantor, the GOP House majority leader has stated that he will soon bring to the House floor another ill-fated attempt to overturn "Obamacare."

For the 38th time.

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