Explanation proposed for N. Ston. pig deaths

I would like to comment on the article, "Deaths of two hogs investigated in North Stonington," (July 11).

Maybe there was no perpetrator. The pigs could have calmly shorted out the bottom wire by rooting dirt up and over it. Then they could squeeze under the fence anywhere since it's shorted out. Maybe one hog hooked the wire with his foot or they could have simply lifted it up with their busy noses and it eventually it could slip over their heads. Slowly the pigs are rooting around and they pop the wire off of a couple of fence posts. The wire is trailing after them and they could be walking around inside the loose wire. It makes sense that the wire would entangle their front ends. They would eventually reach the end of the loose wire and begin to struggle or maybe they were spooked by something, not someone.

It's much too elaborate and difficult for a person to orchestrate this scenario or any such scenario resulting in two very strong pigs being tied up. In my experience, farm animals get through fences. Always take pictures.

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