Mystic doctor charged after entering Westerly home

A Mystic doctor with privileges to practice at both Lawrence + Memorial Hospital and The Westerly Hospital was arrested over the weekend in Westerly after police said he broke into a stranger's home.

Dr. Roy M. Main, 58, of Westerly was charged Saturday with felony breaking and entering without consent.

L+M spokesman Mike O'Farrell said Wednesday the hospital is aware of the arrest and is conducting its own internal investigation. O'Farrell said he could not comment further.

Police said Main told them he walked into a Comanche Court home thinking it was a friend's house. He was confronted by the homeowner and detained until police arrived. The incident happened around 4 a.m.

Police also said they found a small amount of marijuana in his car, but he was not charged with that. A woman was in Main's car during the incident, and she was not arrested.

Main's practice is located at 23 Clara Drive. He did not return a message left for him at his office.

Gilda Restelli said she and her husband, Mark, were awakened by Main, who turned on the lights to their second-floor bedroom.

Restelli said her husband jumped out of bed and pushed Main out of the bedroom.

"I thought I was dreaming," Restelli said. "I was hearing a voice that I didn't recognize. He kept asking for someone named Bill."

Restelli said her husband pushed Main down the stairs and held him in the kitchen until police arrived.

"He kept saying, 'I'm Dr. Main. I'm Dr. Main,'" she said. "Just because you have a license to practice medicine doesn't mean you have license to enter into someone's house."

Restelli, who's originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., said her city upbringing has taught her to be extra cautious and is certain that she locked all the doors to her home. She said that Main may have entered the dwelling through the garage, although she is certain she locked that as well. She said there were no signs of forced entry.

"As a mother, my first thought was for my children," she said. "What if he had entered one of the children's bedrooms? My daughter woke up during the incident, and she was so scared."

Restelli said her husband used restraint on Main because he believed the doctor was intoxicated.

"Maybe it was a mistake, but it was a mistake that could have had tragic consequences," she added.

Diana Lejardi, a spokeswoman at the state Department of Public Health, which oversees medical licenses, said under state law, the agency cannot confirm or deny whether there is an open investigation against Main.

Lejardi said typically that matters of this nature are investigated, and each case is reviewed on an individual basis. A determination is made as to whether or not charges will be filed with the Connecticut Medical Examining Board for their review and action.

Main was released on his personal recognizance and is scheduled to appear in Washington County Superior Court on Aug. 23.


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