Tough road trip for Sox; A-Rod's reception at Fenway memorable

The Red Sox are back home at Fenway tonight facing the New York Yankees coming off their worst road trip of the season losing six of 10 in Houston, Kansas City and Toronto.  Disappointing yes, but definitely not time to panic.  It's interesting with many questions still remaining on how this pitching staff will pan out heading into September. It was the offense that really let Boston down over the last 10 games capped off last night stranding 12 players.  

Timely hitting has actually been a strong point for this team this season, just look at the walk-off and late inning numbers. This road trip, that did not happen but the larger sample size this season shows that this offense is one of the best in baseball.

Still, the Red Sox remain in first place in the AL East and actually gained a game in the standings over the last 10 games because the rest of the division couldn't take advantage. The Rays and O's also went 4-6 and the Yanks and Jays went 5-5.

New York comes to Fenway beginning tonight and then it's back west for the Sox taking on San Francisco and the LA Dodgers. Big series with Baltimore after the Red Sox return home August 27th. Could we see a Clay Buchholz appearance with all signs pointing in a positive direction on his return from injury?  That will give this team a nice boost as well heading into the final month of the regular season.

Speaking of the Yankees, the reception A-Rod gets at Fenway tonight should be one to remember. Even the biggest A-Rod fans will have a tough time cheering for a guy who apparently gave up names of players on his own team.  There was a mixed reaction in New York. There definitely won't be one at Fenway tonight.

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