?Beat the Odds,? David Reindel?s Third Book, Shows How You Can Guarantee Your Retirement Income

By Changing the Rules for the ?New Normal?

David Reindel, nationally recognized leader in life insurance and annuity production, has released his third book, Beat the Odds – How Winners Retire in the ?New Normal. This book is a guide for getting past the odds and guaranteeing financial safety in retirement. His new book continues to carry through his passion for his work, which is guiding his clients to keep them safe in their retirement, especially their income. Reindel prides himself on being certain that he and each client have a mutual foundation of trust, and he works one-on-one with those near retirement and retirees to create a customized retirement plan that provides predictability and certainty for years to come. Reindel?s philosophy is simple: ?I recommend insuring your retirement rather than investing. You insure many things in your life, your home, automobile and health. You can also insure your retirement money. This is not a good time to take risks. This is a perfect time, especially for baby boomers, to re-assess where you are financially and do what you need to do to preserve your lifestyle over what you can reasonably guess would be another 25 to 30 years.?

In his Forward remarks at the beginning of the book, former Congressman and retired U.S. Army Colonel Robert R. ?Rob? Simmons, in a speech on ?Navigating Politics in 2008,? in Washington, DC, predicted that ?2008 will be difficult, turbulent and unpredictable.? This is not what his audience wanted to hear, ?Uncertainty is even worse than bad news because at least with bad news you know what it is. Uncertainty is the unknown and that?s really bad. As humans we take risks but we value security.?

With an uncertain economy, along with reaching retirement age, questions abound: How do I ensure that my future will be protected? What if I get sick? What if I am disabled? How do I ?survive the crash? and ensure that I ?don?t die broke??

Reindel?s third book continues his ?good sense? advice that is found in his first two books, Don?t Die Broke and We Survived the Crash. Simmons comments, ?This is where someone like David Reindel is a Godsend. He is honest. He is informed. He knows what he is doing. And he has a track record of making it work.?

Reindel begins his third book setting the stage for his topic with, ?Life presents an odyssey of change as we pursue a career and build a retirement plan. When we think about the future, we hope our investments will turn our dreams into a reality that, one day, will give us financial freedom and a carefree lifestyle in retirement. But it takes more than a dream to build a successful retirement portfolio. You need a financial road map based on a clear and solid plan.?

Since the crash of 2008 and great recession, this kind of strategy has become the foundation of retirement planning in ?The New Normal? and he is counted among the pioneers. So, if you want ongoing accumulation, maximized income and/or preservation of principal, he has proven methods that have led to successful, long-term retirement goals for virtually hundreds of people.

The ?New Normal? began with what Reindel calls a ?Season of Uncertainty.? It began with the years leading out of the Techno-boom of the late 1990s, through the tech crash of 2000-2003 and upward, downward and onward from there – until we hit bottom in ?08. The Great Recession followed, defining a 10-year season of elation, fear, foreboding, momentary triumph and finally, global economic collapse. After that, many in the financial services industry did an about-face. Formerly obsessed with trade-based accumulation, some of them turned to a more methodical version of risk management. One thing hasn?t changed. To pursue the rapid gain-loss cycle on Wall Street, you must be willing to accept inevitable swings in market volatility. All of this still involves risk. You must be willing to pay if you plan to play. And keep in mind that rapidly changing conditions demand constant re-assessment of investment valuations.

Reindel offers a different state of mind, ?Now let?s change the rules. Let?s reduce the odds by removing them altogether. I can show you how to participate in the same game without losing anything. I can show you how to cruise through the hard times very nicely, adding to your principal when times are good while simply waiting out the hard times until the upside flow begins again. Let?s call my rules a method of Post-Crash Survival in The New Normal.?

He offers a different set of rules, ?My rules are based on framing reasonable lifestyle expectations inside a dependable, measurable package of steady income, guaranteed principal and a more modest but predictable increase of that principal – while you enjoy life.?

Although at times his clients have called him a ?miracle-worker?, he doesn?t sell miracles. He offers time-tested solutions, solid expectations and rock-solid guarantees to back them up. Combining that with an uncommon level of direct customer service has made him one of the most successful financial practitioners in America.

They have all come to know that he specializes in one thing, and that he does it better than anyone else in his business: ?I work with a complex array of stable, financial instruments designed to preserve your retirement income and principal, and – this is most important – they allow you to be indexed in market gains, without risk of catastrophic loss seen in recent years.?

His third book is both a means of giving financial advice for retirement, as well as giving back, something that Reindel firmly believes in. The sales proceeds from his third book will go to the non-partisan organization the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, a research and citizen education organization founded in 1984. As one of America?s oldest state-based think tanks, Yankee develops and advocates for free market, limited government public policy solutions in Connecticut.

With his second book, ?We Survived The Crash?, sales proceeds went to the Autism Speaks Foundation, one of the passions of Wayne Carini, Host of Chasing Classis Cars on Discovery?s Velocity Channel, who also wrote the Forward for that book.

There will be a book signing, ice cream and appearances by Rob Simmons and ?Chasing Classic Cars? host Wayne Carini on September 28th from 11-3 at 1 Allen Street in Mystic CT.

More information is available on Reindel?s website, www.DavidReindel.com.


Don?t Die Broke was his first book. Immersed as we are in what looks like a long-term climate of financial uncertainty, many investors have already endured market meltdowns, recession, volatile market ?adjustments,? and ongoing forecasts calling for more economic instability in the years to come. Don?t Die Broke accordingly addresses investor angst, offering key solutions for investment risk and volatility.

The key to author David Reindel?s advocacy for safer retirement planning is the humble annuity, a long-misunderstood financial instrument that is about to see a major return to favor. Why have these time-honored investment tools generated so much controversy in recent years? Don?t Die Broke takes a frank look at those issues, defining little-known perils facing retirement plans for an upcoming era of economic uncertainty. Reindel, a national authority on annuities, explains how they fit into a safe and sane retirement plan in language that?s clear, straightforward, and focused on the needs of people whose retirement is rapidly approaching.

We Survived the Crash, his second book, is the compelling story of real people who financially survived the Great Crash of 2008-2009 – and the ensuing recession – with much success and peace of mind. In their own words they tell their stories, which offer living examples of the way commonsense retirement planning and guaranteed income have changed their lives in a powerful way. Along with a wealth of advice from Reindel and a host of other financial professionals, including attorneys and other insurance experts, this book provides urgent insight for everyone - particularly Boomers nearing or in retirement - who need to exchange their risk-based investment habits for guaranteed income and overall, preservation-based common sense. We Survived the Crash offers living examples of how David?s unique way of retirement planning has changed the lives of his clients in a powerful way.