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Schools Honor Long Serving Employees

It is a tradition at each year's Madison Public Schools Convocation to honor employees with long years of service. Last week's convocation in preparation for the new school year did the same, honoring 69 of their fellows.

There is one 40-year service employee. She is Mary Ann Shusta, a food service employee now assigned at Polson Middle School. When her name was announced she received a standing ovation from hundreds of teachers and staff who obviously had enjoyed her cooking. She remembers fondly the days when she used to make every cafeteria meal from scratch.

Those honored for service anniversaries are listed below along with their present school assignment.

10-Year Service Employees

Michelle Augeri, Brown

Frank Balantic, DHHS

Allison Banks, Jeffrey

Ricki, Briggs, Brown

Marie Buice, DHHS

Marjorie Bullenkamp-Zotto, Ryerson

Anthony D'Angelo Jr., Facilities

Robert DelRusso, DHHS

Heidi Dennison, Jeffrey

Stephanie Dix, DHHS

Kimberly Dombkowski, Polson

Elizabeth Dowd, Island

Michelle Horn, Island

Laleh Karimi, Ryerson

Elizabeth Kelly, Polson

John Leonard, Polson

Rachel Leonard, Brown

Peggy Loehr, Island / TCLC

Allison Marchese, DHHS

Paul Mezick, DHHS

Meghan Pagliuco, Brown

Deana Perillo, Island

Richard Richau, Facilities

Heather Rosenquist, TCLC

Lorraine Schaller, Ryerson

Alisha Signore, Island

Denise Smart, DHHS

Jennifer Spring, Brown

Laura Stott, DHHS

Lynn Voitans, Ryerson

15 Year Service Employees

Christine Ackermann, Ryerson

Bryan Amenta, DHHS

Cynthia Armor, Island

Michael Battipaglia, Brown

Rita Bernardo, Ryerson

Mary Callaghan, Brown

Sharon Coer, Ryerson

Timothy Cox, Facilities

Charlene Doane, Polson

Michael Docker, DHHS

Jeannette Iacobellis, Island

Barbara Irzyk, District

Patricia Judson, DHHS

Michael Kiefer, Central Office

Donna Konarski, DHHS

Christa Laragy Jeffrey

Wendy Ruiz, District

Lynn Sasso, Jeffrey

Cynthia Schneider, DHHS

Benjamin Schreiber, DHHS

Deborah Thomas, Brown

Sarah Tibbetts, DHHS

Allan Uzwiak, Polson/Brown

Diane Vanacore, Island

20 Year Service Employees

Jennifer Figurelli, Ryerson

Suzanne Gaskell, DHHS

Peggy Ann Keenan, DHHS

Lois McKnight, DHHS

Renee Pardo, Island

Lynn Prendergast, Brown

25 Year Service Employees

Robert Burr, Facilities

Sara Caraszi, Central Office

Karen Carrasco, DHHS

Janet Dielman, Brown

Pegge Dixon, DHHS

Martin Glasser, DHHS

Nancy Lynch, DHHS

Pamela Rottier, DHHS

Erin Smith, Jeffrey

30 Year Service Employees

Steven Isleib, DHHS

Linda Wade, Brown

35 Year Service Employees

James Flanagan, DHHS

Laurie Humphries, Brown

40 Year Service Employee

Mary Ann Shusta, Polson


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