Divided Republicans won't unseat Malloy

Concerning your editorial "GOP gov candidate will need city strategy," (Sept. 1), I feel that the GOP will need a "peacemaker" when they go to convention with four potential gubernatorial candidates. Only one can win the convention. The remaining three can qualify for a primary against the convention winner. So no matter what strategy the winner can concoct, there will be too many political factors and intraparty disputes for that "city strategy" to resonate.

In 2006 Republican gubernatorial candidate Jodi Rell received 8,200 votes in New Haven. The Democratic political machine in New Haven was split because her opponent, John DeStefano, had won a grueling convention and primary against Dan Malloy that divided the city's Democrats, causing half the machine to vote for DeStefano and the other half to either sit on their hands and do nothing to get out the vote or possibly even vote for Rell.

In 2010 the reason Foley only got 3,200 votes in New Haven was not strategy or anything else; the Democratic Party was totally united.

In 2014 the Democrats will again be united behind Malloy and the Republicans will be split. No amount of "strategy" will prevent the Democrats from winning in the cities and picking up additional small towns.

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