Make a difference: Norwich Human Services

WHO: Shawn

AGENCY: Norwich Human Services

HIS SITUATION: Shawn is a lifelong resident of Norwich. A leg injury 16 years ago set off a chain of medical problems. He suffers from an enlarged heart that functions at 40 percent capacity, has congestive heart failure, spine and back issues, lymphedema, sleep apnea and COPD. He uses a wheelchair and requires oxygen. Unable to leave his apartment often, he is the sole caregiver and provider for his son, 11, and daughter, 7. His only income is Social Security benefits.

WHAT TO GIVE: Gift cards for food, children's clothing, sheets, comforters and blankets, Wal-Mart gift cards.

TO DONATE: Contact Norwich Human Services at (860) 823-3778, and ask for a social worker.


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