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Norwich Public Works has overspent snow budget

Norwich – Public Works Director Barry Ellison told the City Council Tuesday that his department has overspent its snow removal budget by $60,000, but pledged to continue to plow and will deploy crews starting Wednesday to remove large snow banks from downtown and intersections.

Ellison said his budget for snow removal was $360,000 for salt, labor, overtime and fuel, and he has spent $420,000 during 21 winter events ranging from black ice or snow dustings to major storms.

Ellison said the city is not in any danger of running out of salt. The city received six loads of salt Tuesday. Norwich was contracted to receive 2,200 tons of salt this winter but has used 2,700 tons at a cost of $84 per ton.

Starting Wednesday, snow removal crews hope to concentrate on snow and ice already on the ground, rather than new snow falling from the sky. Ellison said four crews will be deployed to remove large mounds of snow restricting lanes, sidewalks and major intersections.


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